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Lights, Camera, Action!

To get ultimately fabulous artistic fashion photography in Dubai you need to get in mind these tips before starting to shoot your subject. All these tips and tricks are highly achieved and taken care of at Reza Ansari Photography that enables the photographer to provide clients with an extraordinary flamboyant adroitness.

Reza Ansari Photography

  1. Fashion photography is all about confidence while directing your models how to stand in front of the camera.  Showing signs of lack of direction, stress or anxiety will totally affect the way your model acts so make the model feel involved and comfortable. 
  2. Clothes and beauty are the basic determinants of fashion photography, so pull the model and all elements of the scene together to reflect this. If you desire a seductive or provocative look opt for over-styled hair and heavy, dark make-up; alternatively for a natural or innocent feel choose gentle makeup, soft flowing hair styles and subdued pastel tones. 
  3. Posing happens to be a terribly tricky point in the fashion shoot. You need to get your hands on to the latest fashion magazines of both men and women to get an idea about the latest trends.
  4. Since photographers can easily stabilize conditions and control lighting, a studio is hence considered to be an ideal place for a photo shoot. Always meter all scenic areas if you’re working in a photo studio to avoid the use of external light meter and unwanted shadows.
  5. If you can’t go for pricey equipment and expensive photo studio, you can simply cheat at your home.  Opt for a room that benefits from windows and attach a fabric, net or white sheet across the window. You’ll get yourself a high-end natural soft box on a sunny day – ideal for throwing light evenly.

    Beautiful fashion photography in Dubai

  6. You might need an extra source of light if you’re working in dark indoors or under direct sun. Bounce your external flash on a nearby ceiling, wall or reflector if all you’ve got is a flash rather than throwing it directly on the subject. To create an array of effects experiment with the angles to know what works best. Be keenly careful to judge unnecessary shadows that may fall across the body and face.
  7. The use of props is a very efficient method to get most of the narrative but a mirror changes the whole game. A mirror helps the photographer to show the front and back of the model hence being an influential asset.
  8. If you’re eager to convey the narrative through your shot, a subtle use of location is highly important for the overall photo shoot. If the beauty styling and clothing are provocative, hard or edgy you’ll consider a city/ urban setting, however, for spring/summer, you'll find a village/rural environment like; a woodland, beach, meadow or a river bank. Keep yourself moving around the scenes to know what elements can actually influence your image. This could mean moving closer to the subject, crouching low, working a slanted angle or climbing a ladder.
  9. Often photographers urge to need an extra pair of arms to assist themselves in the camera handling, equipment handling, makeup, and shooting. Always open room for assistants to work with you.
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