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Wedding Floristry

Wedding decoration from Elite agency AphroditeFloral wedding decoration is one of the most elegant and refined wedding designs. It is also perfectly combined with botanical décor details. Real flowers and greenery are advisable, they will create a luxury wedding image and scent a room with fresh flowery fragrances. Floristry is a diversified art, which provides numerous tools to a designer: rich color palette, texture multiplicity and shapes variety. Our professional designers use all the possible decorative floristry options: flower compositions, bouquets in vases, boutonnieres in bride's and groom's looks, petals and leaves.

Textile Wedding Decoration

Textile wedding decoration is a functional and spectacular decorative approach. An interior of a wedding room can be completely changed with a use of textile. A designer can improve the room functionality, visually expand the space, divide the space into different functional zones and correct the room imperfections. The most popular design tool within the textile wedding decoration is drapery. It is perfect for staircase, arch, tables, chairs, podiums and stages decoration. A variety of fabrics and textures inspires every designer for the brand new creative decoration solutions.

Lighting Wedding Decoration

This decoration approach is the most contemporary interior design tool. Illumination equipment in wedding decoration is used for local lighting, spot lighting, accent lighting and backlighting. Tables, podiums, stages, arches, windows and ceiling domes can be accentuated, the space can be expanded and adjusted to the wedding theme. 

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