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The Perfect Indian Wedding: Key Elements

Best wedding plannersIndian culture is known throughout the world as an extremely colorful and vibrant one.

There are several foods, colors, festivity items, along with dance and music, which make weddings memorable for a long time.

In the country itself, weddings are not just of one type.

In fact, there are so many cultures and languages there, which mean every region in the country has its own wedding flavor and celebration.

To give you a useful background of the culture, and the important ingredients in Indian celebrations, we have put together this useful guide about Indian wedding planners in Dubai by AhlamEvents.

About Indian Weddings and Culture

Another beautiful thing about Indian wedding ceremonies is that they don’t just last for a day, like most weddings in the west.

In fact, the celebration is made of many smaller events and occasions, before and after the wedding day itself.

Some of the important and enjoyable events in Indian weddings include the Haldi, Mehndi, and Sangeet. All of these ceremonies a great for entertaining the guests, but also reflect the beauty of the culture.

On the wedding day itself, two people unite forever, and religious customs are followed, for long-term prosperity for the couple.

Planning A Wedding: What To Know

While the many events and ceremonial things in the wedding are beautiful, to make them as amazing as they can be, careful planning is required.

For the couple and their families, the best place to start is by making a timeline of the different events, and deciding on the wedding date.

By finalizing the dates, you can make sure that your wedding planners can give you the best service, and also allow you to remain stress free for all the events.

Best Indian Wedding Planners

Wedding in IndiaThe best planners will be fully aware of your special needs because of their experience with Indian weddings.

In most cases, this will include everything from the wedding cards, to the last day of the planned events.

They will help you make sure every event goes smoothly, and the festivities end with a bang.

Facilities Provided By Indian Wedding Planners

The traditional Indian wedding has many items that are used in every wedding in the country, including many ingredients that are religious in nature.

The most important ones include:

  • Tents big enough to cover the mandap (wedding platform for bridge and groom)
  • Lighting and sound services with DJ for dances
  • Henna painters
  • Full coverage of the events including videography and videography
  • Stage decoration
  • The couple’s swing (Jhula) and Mandap
  • Flower bouquets and full décor
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