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Ways to buy the most ideal Romantic perfume

Romantic perfumes in Dubai come in different colors and fragrances as well as price. But understand that buying perfume is quite different from buying other types of physical goods. You don’t judge them by their prices but by their fragrance. In other words, an expensive perfume may have an unappealing scent for you, while it may be great for someone else. That’s why personal recommendations don’t really work when it comes to perfumes. But how do you identify the type of romantic perfume that fits your style and fashion sense? Read on to find out how to buy romantic perfumes Dubai.

Ways to buy the most ideal Romantic perfume

Research before you buy

There are so many fake and discounted perfumes online. Since you won’t be able to know the exact fragrance, you may be deceived into thinking you are getting the real deal. Whenever you are buying perfumes online, make sure to research the company and get reviews from good review sites and forums. The company selling the perfume should be reputable with a long history of good customer service. This should be the first thing to do before looking at other aspects of your buying decision.  When you visit the site, find out if they have any proper functioning return policy in case you don’t like what you get. A good company should have a return policy in place.

Know the family your ideal fragrance belongs

Your ideal fragrance belongsYes, perfumes are grouped according to their level and type of fragrances. Good perfume sites will always put up these names to differentiate them. With their family names, you will be able to tell the type of fragrance a particular perfume has. For instance, aquatic has fruity and fresh scent, which often depicts marine, aquatic, or sea spray. They are ideal for summer and day time. Citrus on the other hand, gives a sense of being energetic and lively. They are worn most for summertime, office, or during the day.  Gourmand is a very popular family for comforting, sensual, sweet, or warm. Their fragrances include chocolate, cinnamon, or vanilla. These perfumes are ideal for hot dates or evening wear.  Other classifications of perfumes include woody (masculine, quintessential, warm), oriental (powerful and more sensuous), Fougere (elegant and aromatic for men), and sports (energetic and spicy).

From the different perfume families, you will understand that there are different perfumes for different occasions as their fragrance connote.

Select your preferred concentration

Romantic arabic perfumeRomantic Perfumes are grouped into 4 different concentrations: perfumes, eau de parfum, eau de toiletter, and eau de cologne. Perfumes have the strongest concentrates, which means they can stay on the body for longer hours. You have to select which concentrate works best for you.

Finally, select the right perfume for the right occasion

When you are buying a perfume, it’s important to consider why you need the perfume. Some perfumes are great for special occasions while others are ideal for casual activities. But since you are looking for a romantic perfume, stick with something that is sensual and warm like vanilla or chocolate.


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