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Where and how to buy oud in Dubai

A Quality PerfumePerfumes reduce your body odor and make you feel good and confident and can change your moods.

Oud or oodh is most trending scents these days and is known as black gold in the perfume industry. It is extracted from Agarwood or resinous heartwood. It is produced by the tree belonging to the species of Aquilaria genus of Thymelaeceae family. Oud is the most expensive wood in the world. Oud perfumes can be easily recognized. It is also known as liquid gold as costs 1.5 times more than gold. Therefore, if you wish to purchase this perfume the best place is to buy oud in Dubai.

How is oud scent formed?

Oud oil is generally extracted from an infected tree which is vulnerable to mold. It produces an excess of sap which hardens at the trunk core as resins. After harvesting the resins, it is refined to dark brown thick oil known as oud. 70 kg of wood produces the only 20ml of pure oud. To create an oud-based fragrance this pure product extracted is diluted with carrier oils.

Places to buy oud in Dubai

Diva DubaiYou can buy oud from the luxuries perfume makers in the malls of Dubai like Wafi Mall, or from Perfume Souk in Deira, or Burjuman Center and Ajmal. Also, you can purchase Oud from Lootah Perfumes. In Dubai, the heart of the Arabian Culture, Lootah perfumes have evolved in producing the best collection of oud perfumes. You can buy oud perfumes from their online shops and even from their stores in Dubai. Some of the oud perfumes by Lootah perfumes are AI Ameer (musk), AI Nibras (Henna), AI Sultan (Floral) etc. Lootah perfumes packs Arabic oud perfumes in best quality techniques to showcase its inimitability.

Best oud fragrance

Amouage Opus x is the best Oud fragrance from the library collection. This fragrance is the most original combination of rose which is the most classic fragrance ingredient with the rare and precious oud. It is sourced from Laos. This fragrance can be found in only three Boutiques in Dubai for example, in Dubai Festival city, Wafi Mall and Dubai Mall.

Oud perfumes have one of the best fragrances as compared to any other perfume. If you are in Dubai and you have not tired this perfume, then you should not delay it anymore and get your Oud perfume today.

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