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How to Disaster-Proof Your Exhibition

No amount of planning or hard work can 100% guarantee the success of an exhibition. However, without thorough preparation, the chances are that it will turn into a disaster. From a faulty display to a port that doesn't match your charger, a lot can go wrong when you least expect it. As an exhibitor, nobody wants to be in the middle of such a scenario, especially on the day of the event. Exhibitors can always choose to hire a Dubai exhibition company if they feel that they can’t pull it off on their own. In this article, we aim to help event planners stay one step ahead of potential exhibition disasters.

Disaster-Proof Your Exhibition

Do a Trial Run

No, not just 10 minutes before the event. As they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry! Check that everything at your exhibition site is working as per your requirements, at least a day in advance. See to it that your laptop or external device can be connected to the venue’s screen. Also, make sure that you check the charging ports to see if they are working correctly. Once these are done, check the presentation again for errors and see for yourselves how it will appear on the big screen.

Shout Out Loud!

Studies have pointed to the fact that event attendees’ pre-plan the stalls they’ll be visiting during a big exhibition. If you wish to attract more viewers to your specific exhibit, you will need to be vocal about your product at the venue. You can also reach out to potential customers through e-mails, social media, and other marketing platforms. Doing the latter can be extremely useful as your attendees will be more informed of your product and thereby increase the chances for conversion. In short, build up the hype and have them flocking to your stand.

The Show Must Go On!

You can never depend on the weather. If you are organizing an outdoor exhibition, it's always better to weather-proof your stand and products. Also, having a back-up is an effective strategy. Lastly, ascertain that your team is well-informed about what they need to do in such situations to avoid panic or sour-surprises. You can also check with the event organizer to know their terms for delays or cancellations and thereby protect your investment.

Show Must Go On

Thoroughly Vet Your Team

Do not let your months or years of planning go to vain due to incompetent or inexperienced staff members. Make sure that your A-team is at the stand to successfully sell your product or ideas. If you have someone who knows little to nothing about your product at the stand, it can be a huge turn-off for potential customers. Handing out flyers and promotional materials can be useful, but how you sell your idea should not be limited to just that. Ensure that you provide the task to someone who can get the message out, answer questions, and develop fruitful relationships with potential clients.

Understand Your Layout

You want attendees to come to your stand rather than walk away from it. To do so, you will have to think creatively. From the signs, table, and projectors, you will need to have a clear understanding of where everything is placed. Secondly, standing in front of your desk rather than behind it is more inviting. Lastly, no amount of planning is adequate unless you can get your message across to the audience.

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